Chavacano Language

Chavacano Language

Chavacano or Chabacano (, sometimes referred to by linguists as Philippine Creole Spanish, is a Spanish-based creole language spoken in the Philippines. The word "Chavacano" is derived from the Spanish word, meaning "poor taste," "vulgar,", for the Chavacano language which was developed in Cavite City, Ternate and Ermita, and also derived from the word chavano which was coined by the people of Zamboanga. Six different dialects have developed: Zamboangueño in Zamboanga City, Davaoeño Zamboangueño / Castellano Abakay in Davao City, Ternateño in Ternate, Cavite, Caviteño in Cavite City, Cotabateño in Cotabato City and Ermiteño in Ermita.

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Chavacano Language - Language Acquisition
... There are currently no language material where one could learn Chavacano outside the region ... However, several projects are underway to produce language material in the form of cds and books/booklets in order for the foreigner to learn ... One, in particular, is a project called "Basic Chavacano" ...

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