Chatto may refer to:

  • Chatto (1860-1934), Chiricahua Apache chief
  • Beth Chatto (born 1923), plantswoman, garden designer and author
  • Virendranath Chattopadhyaya (1880-1937), prominent Bengali Indian revolutionary
  • Daniel Chatto (born 1957), British artist and former actor
  • Dominic Chatto (born 1985), Nigerian footballer
  • Edgar Chatto (born 1960), Filipino politician
  • Lady Sarah Chatto (born 1964), English painter

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Lachlan Mackinnon - Bibliography
... Inheritance (Macmillan) (1988) Monterey Cypress (Chatto Windus) (1988) Shakespeare the Aesthete An Exploration of Literary Theory (Palgrave) (1991) The Coast of Bohemia (Chatto Windus) (1992) The Lives of Elsa ...
Beth Chatto Gardens
... The Beth Chatto Gardens are an informal collection of ecological gardens created by plantswoman Beth Chatto in 1960 from the gravel soil and bogs of the disused fruit farm belonging to her husband Andrew ...
Beth Chatto - List of Publications
... Beth Chatto is the author of many gardening books, including an exchange of letters with her friend and fellow Gardener and writer the late Christopher Lloyd The Dry Garden by Beth Chatto, published 1978 ... The Damp Garden by Beth Chatto, published 1982 ... Plant Portraits by Beth Chatto, published 1985, now out of print ...
Beth Chatto
... Beth Chatto, OBE (born 1923) is a British plantswoman, garden designer and author best known for creating the Beth Chatto Gardens near Elmstead Market, in the English county of ... Beth Chatto's gardening and writing use the principle of the right plant for the right place, developed from her husband Andrew Chatto's lifelong research into the origin of garden plants ...