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Xiaolin Showdown - Characters - Supporting Characters
... He makes his first appearance in the series by trading Dojo to Chase Young, who intended to use him in his Lou Mang Long soup, to get his Spear of Guan back ... He also aids the young monks in combat training ... on a cliffside near the ocean, where the young monks stay and store Shen Gong Wu while he trains them ...
Main Characters - Wuya
... and Reversing Mirror, which has been used on her twice (once by Raimundo, and once by Chase Young) ... her all-powerful form Wuya is far more powerful than Chase Young and Hannibal combined, but her second revival, while still superhuman, was not nearly as strong ... then Raksha a giant snowman monster created by the Heart of Jong, then Jack, then Chase Young, and with Hannibal Roy Bean to get rid of Chase Young, and with the villains in the last episode.Wuya serves ...
Citadel Of Doom - Season 2 (2004/05)
... He then brings a downtrodden Dojo to Chase Young, the evil master, in exchange for his fabled Spear of Guan, which he lost to Young many years earlier ... When the Xiaolin monks learn that Chase intends to use Dojo as an ingredient for his Lao Mang Long Soup, the Xiaolin monks head to Chase's lair and try to save Dojo, only to be defeated by Chase Young's creature ... Master Monk Guan then intervenes at the last minute and challenges Young to a battle with the monks and Dojo's freedom at stake ...

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