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Anthologies and Journals' Special Issues

  • Anderson, Douglas, ed., Hausman, Carl, ed., and Rosenthal, Sandra, ed. (1999), Classical American Philosophy: Its Contemporary Vitality, University of Illinois Press, Urbana, IL, 280 pages, hardcover (ISBN 978-0252024542, ISBN 0-252-02454-0), paperback (ISBN 978-0-252-06760-0) UIP catalog page.
  • Bernstein, Richard J., Ed., (1965), Perspectives on Peirce: Critical Essays on Charles Sanders Peirce, Yale University Press, 148 pages (ISBN 0300003080), reprinted, Greenwood Press, Westport, CT, 148 pages, hardcover (ISBN 978-0-313-22414-0, ISBN 0-313-22414-5). Amazon lists Peirce as author and Bernstein as editor, but it appears to be an anthology of essays about Peirce. Google Book Search mentions "Contributor Paul Weiss" for the Greenwood edition.
  • van Brakel, Jaap and van Heerden, Michael (1998), C. S. Peirce Categories to Constantinople: Proceedings of the International Symposium on Peirce Leuven 1997, Leuven University Press, 154 pages, paperback (ISBN 978-9061869399, ISBN 90-6186-939-0), LUP catalog page.
  • Brunning, Jacqueline, and Forster, Paul, eds. (1997), The Rule of Reason: The Philosophy of C. S. Peirce, University of Toronto Press, Toronto, ON, 316 pages, hardcover (ISBN 978-0802008299, ISBN 0-8020-0829-1), paperback (ISBN 978-0802078193, ISBN 0-8020-7819-2) UTP catalog page.
  • Colapietro, Vincent, and M. Olshewsky, Thomas, eds., and Charles S. Peirce Sesquicentennial International Congress, ed. and corporate author (1996), Peirce's Doctrine of Signs: Theory, Applications, and Connections, Mouton de Gruyter, 463 pages, hardcover (ISBN 978-3110142525, ISBN 3-11-014252-X).
  • Colapietro, Vincent M., ed. (1998), "C. S. Peirce", American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly, v. 72 n. 2 (Spring 1998): pp. 143–312. ACPQ page.
  • Debrock, Guy
    • and Hulswit, Menno, eds. (1994), Living Doubt: Essays concerning the Epistemology of Charles Sanders Peirce (Synthese Library), Springer (July 31, 1994), 336 pages, hardcover (ISBN 978-0792328988, ISBN 0-7923-2898-1).
    • ed. (2003), Process Pragmatism: Essays on a Quiet Philosophical Revolution, Rodopi, Amsterdam and New York, 199 pages, paperback (ISBN 978-9042009851, ISBN 90-420-0985-3), Rodopi catalog page.
  • Eco, Umberto and Sebeok, Thomas Albert, eds. (1984), The Sign of Three: Dupin, Holmes, Peirce, 236 pages, Indiana University Press, hardcover (ISBN 978-0253352354, ISBN 0-253-35235-5), 1st Midland Book Edition 1988 paperback (ISBN 978-0253204875, ISBN 0-253-20487-9) IUP catalog page. Ten essays on methods of abductive inference in Poe's Dupin, Doyle's Holmes, and Peirce.
  • Fabbrichesi, Rossella and Marietti, Susanna, Eds. (2006), Semiotics and Philosophy in Charles Sanders Peirce, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 241 pp., new edition, collects the papers presented to the International Conference Semiotics and Philosophy in C.S. Peirce (Milan, April 2005) with additional contributions, hardcover (CSP catalog page) (ISBN 9781904303749, ISBN 1-904303-74-9) and, in 2008, paperback (CSP catalog page) (ISBN 978-1847187888, ISBN 1-84718-788-9).
  • Freeman, Eugene, ed. (1999), Relevance of Charles Peirce (Monist Library of Philosophy), Open Court, 412 pages, hardcover (ISBN 978-0914417002, ISBN 0-914417-00-2). Includes "Bibliography of Charles Peirce. 1976 through 1981", by Christian J. W. Kloesel.
  • Hilpinen, Risto, ed. (1996), The Philosophy of C. S. Peirce, Synthese v. 106, n. 3, March 1996, pp. 299–455, Springer, Springer catalog page, print ISSN 0039-7857, online ISSN 1573-0964. Special Peirce issue.
  • Institute for Studies in Pragmaticism, ed. (1979), Studies in Peirce's Semiotic: A Symposium, essays which Institute members presented at an annual meeting of the Semiotic Society of America in Denver in October 1977. Texas Tech University Institute for Studies in Pragmaticism, Lubbock, TX.
  • ICCS 1997, Lukose, Dickson, ed., Delugach, Harry S., ed., Keeler, Mary, ed., Searle, Leroy, ed., and Sowa, John F., ed. (1997), Conceptual Structures: Fulfilling Peirce's Dream, Fifth International Conference on Conceptual Structures, ICCS'97, Seattle, Washington, USA, August 3–8, 1997. Proceedings. Springer, 621 pages, Springer catalog page, paperback (ISBN 9783540633082, ISBN 3-540-63308-1).
  • Houser, Nathan, Roberts, Don D., and Van Evra, James (eds., 1997), Studies in the Logic of Charles Sanders Peirce, Indiana University Press, Bloomington, IN, 1997, IUP catalog page, 653 pages, hardcover (ISBN 978-0-253-33020-8, ISBN 0-253-33020-3).
  • Kauffman, Louis and Brier, Søren, eds. (2001), Peirce and Spencer-Brown: History and Synergies in Cybersemiotics, special double issue of Cybernetics and Human Knowing, v. 8, n. 1-2, 2001. 2007 edition, Imprint Academic, 225 pages (Amazon entry claims 159 pages), paperback (ISBN 978-1845401054, ISBN 1-84540-105-0), IA catalog page.
  • Ketner, Kenneth Laine; Ransdell, Joseph; Eisele, Carolyn; Fisch, Max; and Hardwick, Charles: eds. (1982), Proceedings of C. S. Peirce Bicentennial International Congress (in Amsterdam), Texas Tech University Press, 399 pages, hardcover (ISBN 978-0896720756, ISBN 0-89672-075-6).
  • Ketner, Kenneth Laine, ed., (1995), Peirce and Contemporary Thought: Philosophical Inquiries, Fordham University Press, New York, 444 pages, FUP catalog page, hardcover (ISBN 9780823215539, ISBN 0-8232-1553-9).
  • Kevelson, Roberta, ed. (1991), Peirce and Law: Issues in Pragmatism, Legal Realism, and Semiotics, Peter Lang Publishing Group, 225 pages, hardcover (ISBN 978-0-8204-1519-2), Peter Lang catalog page.
  • Misak, Cheryl J. (ed., 2004), The Cambridge Companion to Peirce, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK, CUP catalog page, hardback (ISBN 9780521570060, ISBN 0-521-57006-9), paper (ISBN 9780521579100, ISBN 0-521-57910-4). Articles by Christopher Hookway, Peter Skagestad, Isaac Levi, C.J. Misak, Douglas Anderson, Sandra B. Rosenthal, Randall R. Dipert, Sami Pihlstrom, John Boler, T.L. Short.
  • Monist editors
    • (1980), The Relevance of Charles Peirce, Part I, The Monist, v. 63 n. 3, July 1980, The Hegeler Institute, Monist backissues page.
    • (1982), The Relevance of Charles Peirce, Part II, The Monist, v. 65 n. 2, April 1982, The Hegeler Institute, Monist backissues page. Includes in pp. 246–276 a 648-item Peirce bibliography by Christian J. W. Kloesel for years 1976–1980.
  • Moore, Edward C., and Robin, Richard S., eds.,
    • (1964), Studies in the Philosophy of C. S. Peirce, Second Series, University of Massachusetts Press, Amherst, MA, 1964. Contains a bibliography of secondary literature prior to 1964, pp. 486–514.
    • (1992), From Time & Chance to Consciousness: Studies in the Metaphysics of Charles Peirce, Berg Publishers, 256 pages, hardcover (ISBN 978-0854963799, ISBN 0-85496-379-0). Selected papers, devoted primarily to Peirce's metaphysics, from the Harvard Congress commemorating the 150th anniversary of the birth of Charles Peirce.
  • Moore, Edward C., ed. (1993), Charles S. Peirce and the Philosophy of Science: Papers from the Harvard Sesquicentennial Congress, University of Alabama Press, Tuscaloosa, AL, 512 pages, hardcover (ISBN 978-0817306656, ISBN 0-8173-0665-X), paperback 2007 (ISBN 978-0817354169 ISBN 0-8173-5416-6), UAP catalog page.
  • Moore, Matthew E. (2010 November 1?) New Essays on Peirce's Mathematical Philosophy, Open Court (catalog page), 384 pages, trade paper (ISBN 978-0-8126-9681-3, ISBN 0-8126-9681-6). Includes new essays by Christopher Hookway, Sun-Joo Shin, Ahti-Veikko Pietarinen, Daniel Campos, Susanna Marietti, Claudine Tiercelin, Elizabeth Cooke, Fernando Zalamea, Philip Ehrlich, Jérôme Havenel, and Matthew E. Moore.
  • Muller, John P. and Brent, Joseph L., eds. (2000), Peirce, Semiotics, and Psychoanalysis, The Johns Hopkins University Press, 200 pages, hardcover (ISBN 978-0801862885, ISBN 0-8018-6288-4).
  • Parret, Herman, ed. (1994), Peirce and Value Theory: On Peircean Ethics and Aesthetics, John Benjamins Publishing Co (June 1994), 381 pages, hardcover (ISBN 978-1556193408, ISBN 1-55619-340-8), JB catalog page. Most of the essays were presented at the Sesquicentennial Congress (Harvard University, September 1989.
  • Peirce Studies editors (#8 in this series is Semiotic and Significs 2nd edition, and #2-5 & 7 in the series are single-author books; see under authors' names under "Other Works" below or use browser's "Find" feature to find instances of "Peirce Studies #" on this page. Full list Eprint (once there, scroll down), and #1-6 with fuller information Eprint (once there, scroll down).
    • (1979), Studies in Peirce's Semiotic: A Symposium by Members of the Institute for Studies in Pragmaticism (Peirce Studies #1) (1979), Texas Tech University, Institute for Studies in Pragmaticism, 100 pages, hardcover (ISBN 978-0936842011 ISBN 0-936842-01-6).
    • (1999), Charles Sanders Peirce Memorial Appreciation (Peirce Studies #6), presented at the memorial meeting of the Charles Sanders Peirce Sesquicentennial International Congress, Harvard University, 10 September 1989. Press of Arisbe Associates, Elsah, IL, 48 pages, hardcover (ISBN 978-0966769500 ISBN 0-9667695-0-3).
  • Rosenbaum, Stuart E., ed. (2003), Pragmatism and Religion: Classical Sources and Original Essays, University of Illinois Press, 336 pages, UOI catalog page, hardcover (ISBN 978-0252028380, ISBN 0-252-02838-4), paperback (ISBN 978-0252071225, ISBN 0-252-07122-0).
  • Shapiro, Michael, ed.
    • (1993), The Peirce Seminar Papers: An Annual of Semiotic Analysis: Volume One, 1993, Berghahn Books, 272 pages, (ISBN 978-1571810601, ISBN 1-57181-060-9).
    • and Haley, Michael, managing ed. (1994), The Peirce Seminar Papers: Annual of Semiotic Analysis: Volume II, 1994, Berghahn Books, 259 pages, hardcover (ISBN 978-0854963577, ISBN 0-85496-357-X), Berghahn catalog page gives "1995" as publication date.
    • (1998), The Peirce Seminar Papers: Essays in Semiotic Analysis, Peter Lang Publishing, 123 pages, hardcover (ISBN 978-0820431420, ISBN 0-8204-3142-7) Peter Lang catalog page.
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    • (2003), The Peirce Seminar Papers: Essays in Semiotic Analysis: Volume V: The State of the Art, Berghahn Books, 256 pages, bibliog., hardcover, (ISBN 1-57181-419-1, ISSN 1068-3771), Bergahn catalog page.
  • Shook, John R., and Margolis, Joseph, eds. (2006), A Companion to Pragmatism, Blackwell (now Wiley), Malden, MA, 431 pages, hardcover (ISBN 978-1405116213, ISBN 1-4051-1621-8) Blackwell catalog page. (Incl. Peirce articles by Colapietro, Haack, and D. Anderson.)
  • Tomaselli, Keyan, ed. (2008), Peirce Logic and Mining Safety (Arnold Shepperson memorial issue) Critical Arts: A Journal of South-North Cultural and Media Studies, v. 22, n. 2, November 2008, special issue, Routledge, University of South Africa Press, UNISA catalog page.
  • Transactions of the Charles S. Peirce Society editors (1965–present), quarterly since spring 1965. Table of contents, all issues Eprint. Articles, essays, notes, and, since fall 1997, book reviews.
  • Wiener, Philip P., and Young, Frederick (eds., 1952), Studies in the Philosophy of Charles Sanders Peirce, Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA, 396 pages. Includes "Some Additions to Morris R. Cohen's Bibliography of Peirce's Published Writings", by Max H. Fisch and Daniel C. Haskell, pp. 375–381.

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