• (adj): Of a particle or body or system; having a net amount of positive or negative electric charge.
    Example: "Charged particles"; "a charged battery"
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Electrostatic Separator
... is a device for separating particles by mass in a low energy charged beam ... here the two electrodes are oppositely charged, with a negative electrode the positive ions gets attracted and thus results in a reddish flame ...
Alan Oversby - Operation Spanner
... In 1987, Alan Oversby was one of 16 men charged as a part of Operation Spanner, a series of raids that resulted in the arrest of men who were all engaged in ... Alan, like the other men, was charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm for performing a genital piercing on a client ... He was also charged with using anaesthetic without a licence and for sending obscene material through the post (photographs of piercings) ...
Peter Hugh Mc Gregor Ellis - Conviction
... By the time of his depositions hearing in November 1992, he had been charged with 45 sexual offences involving 20 young children ... Four female co-workers were charged with similar offences ...
... the chargino is a hypothetical particle which refers to the mass eigenstates of a charged superpartner, i.e ... any new electrically charged fermion (with spin 1/2) predicted by supersymmetry ... They are linear combinations of the charged wino and charged higgsinos ...
List Of Canadian Flags - Civil and State - Territorial
... blue with the shield of the coat of arms of the Northwest Territories charged in the Canadian pale 1968–present Flag of Yukon A vertical tricolour triband of green, white, blue with the shield of the coat of arms of ...

More definitions of "charged":

  • (adj): Fraught with great emotion.
    Example: "An atmosphere charged with excitement"; "an emotionally charged speech"
    Synonyms: supercharged
  • (adj): Supplied with carbon dioxide.
    Synonyms: aerated
  • (adj): Capable of producing violent emotion or arousing controversy.
    Example: "The highly charged issue of abortion"

Famous quotes containing the word charged:

    The last alternatives they face
    Of face, without the life to save,
    Being from all salvation weaned
    A stag charged both at heel and head:
    Who would come back is turned a fiend
    Instructed by the fiery dead.
    Allen Tate (1899–1979)

    True and false are attributes of speech not of things. And where speech is not, there is neither truth nor falsehood. Error there may be, as when we expect that which shall not be; or suspect what has not been: but in neither case can a man be charged with untruth.
    Thomas Hobbes (1588–1679)

    I would I could
    Quit all offences with as clear excuse
    As well as I am doubtless I can purge
    Myself of many I am charged withal.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)