Stolen may refer to:

  • Stolen (2009 documentary film), a 2009 controversial documentary
  • Stolen (2009 drama film), a 2009 mystery-thriller film
  • Stolen (2012 film), a film by Simon West, starring Nicolas Cage
  • Stolen (2009 novel), a 2009 novel by Lucy Christopher
  • Stolen (novel), a 2003 novel by Kelly Armstrong
  • "Stolen" (Dashboard Confessional song), 2006
  • "Stolen" (Jay Sean song), 2008
  • Stolen (play), a 1998 Australian play by Jane Harrison
  • Stolen (video game), a 2005 stealth-based video

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Stolen Hours
... Stolen Hours is a 1963 remake by United Artists of the Bette Davis film, Dark Victory, which was released by Warner Bros ... Stolen Hours was released on 16 October 1963 in the U.S ...
Stolen Horse International - History
... Stolen Horse International, Inc.was founded by Debi Metcalfe with the help of her husband Harold ... Harold's mare, Idaho, was stolen September 26, 1997 ... Metcalfe started Stolen Horse International, Inc ...
Stolen Horse International - Activities - Stolen Tack and Trailers
... Stolen Horse International also aid owners in finding stolen equipment including tack and trailers ... Stolen tack is typically resold at auction (including online auctions such as E-Bay), feed and tack stores, or at pawn shops ... Once a trailer is stolen, notifications and fliers can be sent out by SHI to help make potential buyers aware of the stolen trailer ...
Stolen Base Percentage
... Stolen base percentage is a statistic used in baseball ... A player's stolen base percentage (aka SB%) measures his rate of success in stealing bases ... Because stolen bases tend to help a team less than times caught stealing hurt, a player needs to have a high stolen base percentage in order to contribute much value to ...

Famous quotes containing the word stolen:

    O shining Popocatapetl, It was thy magic hour:

    The houses, people, traffic seemed
    Thin fading dreams by day;
    Chimborazo, Cotopaxi
    They had stolen my soul away!
    Walter James Turner (1889–1946)

    I felt proud of myself. I had stolen the honey of a spasm without impairing the morals of a minor.
    Vladimir Nabokov (1899–1977)

    A horse, a buggy and several sets of harness, valued in all at about $250, were stolen last night from the stable of Howard Quinlan, near Kingsville. The county police are at work on the case, but so far no trace of either thieves or booty has been found.
    —H.L. (Henry Lewis)