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Secret Of The Solstice - Character Classes - Prestige Classes
... Neophyte and Acolyte have the ability to move on to a different class called 'Prestige Classes' ...
Prestige Classes - Overview - 2nd Edition
... Character classes were divided into four groups or "metaclasses" (see also "Roles" in 4th Edition) Warrior, Wizard, Priest, and Rogue ... The Player's Handbook went on to say that "all of the other classes are optional." Each group of classes had the same Hit dice (determining hit point growth. 2nd edition maintained minimums in certain statistics to qualify for some classes, but removed many of the other restrictions such as one extremely low statistic forcing a character into a specific class ...
List Of Deadlands Books - Deadlands: The Weird West - Character Classes
... Description Publication Year Book o' the Dead New rules for playing undead characters 1997 Ghost Dancers Expanded rules for playing shaman characters 1998 Hucksters Hexes ...
Final Fantasy Character Jobs - History and Development
... Fantasy, the player allocates permanent class selections to the four playable characters at the beginning of the game ... Each of the six starting classes can be upgraded to a corresponding advanced class midway through the game ... Characters in Final Fantasy II are molded according to their performance in battle ...
Final Fantasy X-2 - Gameplay - Dresspheres and The Garment Grid
... details on this topic, see Final Fantasy character classes ... Final Fantasy X-2 reintroduces the series' classic character class system (seen previously in Final Fantasy III, Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy Tactics) through the inclusion of dresspheres ... Because the party never grows beyond three characters, switching characters during battle is unnecessary ...

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    If man is reduced to being nothing but a character in history, he has no other choice but to subside into the sound and fury of a completely irrational history or to endow history with the form of human reason.
    Albert Camus (1913–1960)