Chapman is an English occupational surname. A chapman was an itinerant seller in medieval Britain. It is the cognate of the German Kaufmann.

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Chapman, Australian Capital Territory - Geology
... Laidlaw Volcanics pale to dark grey dacitic tuff covers most of Chapman ... Shale, sandstone, ashstone and tuff is found near the west end of Rafferty Street ...
The Memorable Masque Of The Middle Temple And Lincoln's Inn - Credits
... Unlike Ben Jonson, Inigo Jones's most common literary partner in masquing, Chapman was a close friend of Jones, and did not engage in the kind of ego ... The masque's printed text shows that Chapman let Jones — a man of no small ego himself — take the lead in grabbing credit the title page states that the work was "Invented and fashioned, with the ... Supplied, applied, digested and written by George Chapman." ...
T. A. Chapman Co.
... Chapman Co ... commonly known as Chapman's was a department store based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin ... The chain was founded by Timothy Appleton Chapman in 1857 ...
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... Chapman attended Bangor Street School in Blackburn, where his art teacher, Peter Shackleton, recognised his talent and arranged for him to take art classes at ... During his time at school, Chapman developed an interest in trains and the railway art of Terence Cuneo and others ... After leaving school in 1961, Chapman was employed as a layout artist and later as a technical illustrator working on his own paintings in the evenings and at weekends ...
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Famous quotes containing the word chapman:

    The majesty and riches of the mind,
    But dwell in darkness; for your God is blind.
    —George Chapman (1559?–1634)

    We have watered our houses in Helicon.
    —George Chapman (c. 1559–1634)

    Everybody in America is soft, and hates conflict. The cure for this, both in politics and social life, is the same—hardihood. Give them raw truth.
    —John Jay Chapman (1862–1933)