Chaos Curse

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List Of Forgotten Realms Characters - C - Cadderly Bonaduce - History
... She was referring to the potion called the chaos curse (the Ultimate Poison), a recipe Druzil had found in an ancient tome while in the abyss ... After Cadderly learns of the betrayal costing the life of Avery, he curses Rufo with a mark of Deneir a symbol of an unlit candle above a closed eye, a variation of the holy symbol of Deneir ... return to the Edificant Library, telling him the chaos curse will give him power ...
Aballister Bonaduce - Biography
... Guided by the goddess Talona, Mistress of Poison, Aballister creates The Chaos Curse and unleashes it upon The Edificant Library, home of Cadderly and his friends ... Not much is known of Aballister's previous life before he created the Chaos Curse ... late Master Avery who while under the influence of the Chaos Curse told Cadderly some of the past of his mysterious father ...

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