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List Of National Trust Land In England - Thames & Solent
... Trust Entry Hectares Acres Afton Down, Compton Down and Brook Down Isle of Wight Chalk downland SZ370856 Y Ashdown Park the Uffington White Horse Oxfordshire Gardens, parkland, woodland/Chalk downland, Iron Age hill ... and Knowles Farm Isle of Wight Scrubland, cliffs, chalk downland 270 ... SZ495755 Y St Helens Duver Isle of Wight Scrubland, grassland, woodland SZ636892 Y Selborne Hill ...
South Downs
... The South Downs is a range of chalk hills that extends for about 260 square miles (670 km2) across the south-eastern coastal counties of England from the Itchen Valley of Hampshire in the west to ... The South Downs National Park forms a much larger area than the chalk range of the South Downs and includes large parts of the Weald ... The South Downs is characterised by rolling chalk downland with close-cropped turf and dry valleys, and is recognised as one of the most important chalk landscapes in ...
Salisbury Plain - Ecology - Insects - Moths
... moths are present, most of which are either chalk grassland specialists or are partly dependent on chalk grassland ... Larvae of these moths feed on the chalk grassland plants which are widespread on the Plain ...
Beacon Hill, Burghclere, Hampshire - Ecology
... Beacon Hill is a calcareous grassland chalk downland habitat and as such is scarce and home to some unusual and rare species ... Many chalk grassland slopes in England show the mark of centuries of grazing by sheep, the slopes bearing a stepped appearance formed by a mixture of soil creep and sheep paths ... The scrub is unusual on the chalk in lacking a yew Taxus baccata and ash Fraxinus excelsior component ...
Windsor Hill SSSI - Site Description
... It contains beech woodlands, scrub and chalk grassland ... Juniper scrub occurs on Windsor Hill itself, where it is associated with various other typical chalk shrubs and chalk grassland with an abundance of the moss Pseudoscleropodium purum and Common Valerian ... There are patches of bare chalk with forget-me-nots Myosotis spp ...

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    The women cry,
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