Chain Fatty Acid

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... Biological process • very long-chain fatty acid metabolic process • long-chain fatty acid metabolic process • succinyl-CoA metabolic process • acyl-Co ...
Long-chain-fatty-acid—Co A Ligase - Inhibition By Long Chain Fatty Acyl-CoAs
... A long term and short term regulation controls fatty acid synthesis ... Long term fatty acid synthesis regulation is dependent on the rate of acetyl-CoA carboxylase (ACC) synthesis, the rate-limiting enzyme and first enzyme of the fatty acid synthesis, and fatty acid ... Cellular fatty acyl-CoA is involved in the short term regulation, but there is not a full understanding of the mechanisms ...
Long-chain-fatty-acid—Co A Ligase - Mechanism and Active Site
... The mechanism for Long Chain Fatty Acyl-CoA Synthetase is a “bi uni uni bi ping-pong” mechanism ... In step one, ATP and a long chain fatty acid enter the enzyme’s active site ... Within the active site the negatively charged oxygen on the fatty acid attacks the alpha phosphate on ATP, forming an ATP-long chain fatty acid intermediate ...

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