CFU may refer to:

  • Cambridge Fans United, fans of the English football team Cambridge United F.C.
  • Canadian Freelance Union, a Canadian trade union for freelance media contributors
  • Caribbean Football Union, the nominal governing body for Caribbean football
  • Cedar Falls Utilities, a municipally-owned public utility located in Cedar Falls, Iowa
  • Ceramic Fuel Cells Ltd (ASX and LSX code), an Australian fuel cell technology company
  • Children's Film Unit, a British film production company & educational charity
  • Colony-forming unit, a measure of viable bacterial or fungal numbers
  • Commercial Farmers' Union, a trade union in Zimbabwe
  • Community Fire Unit, a New South Wales, Australia-based residential volunteer fire protection organisation
  • Corfu International Airport (IATA airport code), an airport on the Greek island of Corfu at Kerkyra
  • Croatian Fraternal Union, a Croatian diaspora club in the United States

Other articles related to "cfu":

CFU-GM - Granulocytes
... There is some controversy over which granulocytes derive from CFU-GM ... disagreement that neutrophils come from CFU-GM ... Some sources state that basophils also derive from CFU-GM, but that eosinophils come from "CFU-Eos" ...
Colony Forming Units - Theory
... Estimation of microbial numbers by CFU will, in most cases, undercount the number of living cells present in a sample for these reasons ... coli over the range of 30 - 300 cfu on a standard sized petri dish ... to ensure that a sample will yield CFU in this range requires dilution of the sample and plating of several dilutions ...
... CFU-Eo is a colony forming unit that gives rise to eosinophils ... Some sources prefer the term "CFU-Eos" ...