CFP Franc

The CFP franc (called the franc in everyday use) is the currency used in the French overseas collectivities (collectivités d’outre-mer, or COM) of French Polynesia, New Caledonia and Wallis and Futuna. The initials CFP originally stood for Colonies Françaises du Pacifique (“French colonies of the Pacific”). This was later changed to Communauté Financière du Pacifique (“Pacific Financial Community”) and then to the present official term, Comptoirs Français du Pacifique (“French Pacific Banking Agreement”). The ISO 4217 currency code is XPF.

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New Hebrides Franc - History
... Until World War II, the New Hebrides used the French franc and the British pound and Australian pounds ... In 1945, the CFP franc was introduced to insulate France's Pacific colonies from the devaluation of the French franc and the New Hebrides used a combination of New Caledonian franc coins and locally issued ... In 1949, the CFP franc's relationship to the French franc stabilized at 5.5 French francs = 1 CFP franc ...
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