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Tonality Flux
... indicates an approximate quarter-tone sharp) by Note name ratio cents interval name G 1/1 0 Just major third B 5/4 386 moving to Note name ratio ... a pitch from a just intonation value by 35/36, or 48.77 cents an upside-down 7 raises a pitch by the same amount ... The first chord is a major triad and, relative to G, contains the notes 8/7 (231 cents above G), 10/7 (617 cents), and 12/7 (933 cents) the second chord is a minor triad comprising ...
Solar Power In California - Los Angeles County
... a program on January 11, 2013 to pay up to 17 cents/kWh for electricity generated by up to 100 MW of solar power in a feed-in tariff program ... Available Small systems Feed in tariff 10 ... MW 2 MW 17 cents/kWh 25 ... MW 5 MW 16 cents/kWh 50 ... MW 10 MW 15 cents/kWh 75 ... MW 15 MW 14 cents/kWh 100 ... MW 20 MW 13 cents/kWh ...
Common Cents
... Common Cents is a national educational, not-for-profit organization, which specializes in creating and managing service-learning programs for young ... Common Cent's most popular and best known program is The Penny Harvest, the largest child philanthropy program in the United States ... Other Common Cents programs include the Student Community Action Fund (a high school leadership council.) ...
Solar Micro-inverter - History - Price Issues
... around $2.00 to $2.50/W, and inverters around 50 to 65 cents/W ... the end of 2012, panels were widely available in wholesale at 65 to 70 cents, and string inverters around 30 to 35 cents/W ... same sorts of price declines, moving from about 65 cents/W to 50 to 55 once cabling is factored in ...
Cents, Luxembourg
... Cents (Luxembourgish Zens) is a quarter in eastern Luxembourg City, in southern Luxembourg. ...

Famous quotes containing the word cents:

    Baltimore lay very near the immense protein factory of Chesapeake Bay, and out of the bay it ate divinely. I well recall the time when prime hard crabs of the channel species, blue in color, at least eight inches in length along the shell, and with snow-white meat almost as firm as soap, were hawked in Hollins Street of Summer mornings at ten cents a dozen.
    —H.L. (Henry Lewis)

    A woman’s two cents worth is worth two cents in the music business.
    Loretta Lynn (b. 1930)

    A healthy man, with steady employment, as wood-chopping at fifty cents a cord, and a camp in the woods, will not be a good subject for Christianity. The New Testament may be a choice book to him on some, but not on all or most of his days. He will rather go a-fishing in his leisure hours. The Apostles, though they were fishers too, were of the solemn race of sea-fishers, and never trolled for pickerel on inland streams.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)