Cell Walls

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... (singular plasmodesma) are microscopic channels which traverse the cell walls of plant cells and some algal cells, enabling transport and communication between them ... Unlike animal cells, every plant cell is surrounded by a polysaccharide cell wall ... Neighbouring plant cells are therefore separated by a pair of cell walls and the intervening lamella, forming an extracellular domain known as the apoplast ...
Autumn Leaf Color - Pigments That Contribute To Other Colors - Cell Walls
... is not the result of a pigment, but rather cell walls, which may be evident when no coloring pigment is visible ...
Subcellular - Structures Outside The Cell Membrane - Cell Wall
... Many types of prokaryotic and eukaryotic cell have a cell wall ... The cell wall acts to protect the cell mechanically and chemically from its environment, and is an additional layer of protection to the cell membrane ... Different types of cell have cell walls made up of different materials plant cell walls are primarily made up of pectin, fungi cell walls are made up of chitin and bacteria cell walls are made up of ...
Calcium In Biology - Eukaryota - Plantae - Structural Roles
... Ca2+ ions are an essential component of plant cell walls and cell membranes, and are used as cations to balance organic anions in the plant vacuole ... is needed to form the pectin in the middle lamella of newly formed cells ... needed to stabilize the permeability of cell membranes ...
Virsu - Microbiology - Replication Cycle
... Viral populations do not grow through cell division, because they are acellular ... Instead, they use the machinery and metabolism of a host cell to produce multiple copies of themselves, and they assemble in the cell ... Some bacteriophages inject their genomes into bacterial cells (not to scale) The life cycle of viruses differs greatly between species but there are six basic stages in the ...

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    If a man, cautious,
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    House walls get scars,
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    Robert Bly (b. 1926)

    A cell for prayer, a hall for joy,—
    They treated nature as they would.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)