CEC may refer to:


  • College of Engineering Chengannur, Kerala, India
  • College of Engineering, Cherthala, Kerala, India
  • Association Citizens Educational Center, a non-profit organization in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Canadian Ecology Centre
  • Cobequid Educational Centre, a high school in Truro, Nova Scotia
  • Cranbrook Educational Community


  • Continental Engineering Corporation
  • Career Education Corporation
  • Casa de Economii şi Consemnaţiuni, a Romanian bank
  • Chuck E. Cheese's
  • Consol Energy Center
  • Chicony Electronics Company, a manufacturer of digital cameras and other products


  • California Energy Commission
  • Canadian Electroacoustic Community
  • Canadian Engineering Competition
  • Center for Elephant Conservation
  • The Central Election Commission, which organises elections in Kosovo
  • Central Election Committee for India
  • Israeli Central Elections Committee
  • Central European Convention, a subgroup of IAESTE
  • Charismatic Episcopal Church
  • Conference of European Churches
  • Citizens Electoral Council of Australia
  • Civil Engineer Corps of the United States Navy
  • Commission for Environmental Cooperation
  • Commission of the European Communities
  • IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation
  • Crown Estate Commission


  • Consumer Electronics Control, a part of the HDMI interface specification
  • Canadian Electrical Code
  • Continuing education credit, an alternate term for continuing education unit
  • Cation exchange capacity in soil sciences
  • Concordance Extraction Corporation, a fictional deep space mining company in the video game Dead Space
  • Cruzeiro Esporte Clube, a Brazilian football club
  • Chief Election Commissioner of India
  • IATA code for Del Norte County Airport

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... Chidgey (ON) Alan Price (NCO) Rodney Stapleton (CEC) Bonner Labor Con Sciacca Ross Vasta (Lib) Elissa Jenkins Chad Smith Trevor Hunt Barry Myatt (ON ...
CEC Palace
... The CEC Palace (Romanian Palatul C.E.C.) in Bucharest, Romania, built in 1900 and situated on Calea Victoriei opposite the National Museum of Romanian ... nowadays called CEC Bank ...
CEC European Managers - CEC History
... The CEC European Managers now unites 1,5 million executives and professionals in Europe, through its national organisations and European federations ... Since the late 1980s, CEC European Managers has been making its genuine and positive contribution as a social partner to the European integration ... Since the Maastricht Treaty, CEC has become an interlocutor for the European Commission and is consulted on new legislative initiatives ...
S. Y. Quraishi
... a former Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) of India ... He was appointed as the CEC as the successor to Navin Chawla on 30 July 2010 ... Quraishi is the first Muslim to be the CEC of India.S ...
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... the Community Environmental Center (CEC), a non-profit organisation, was designated by the New York City Economic Development Corporation (EDC) to develop and manage an environmental ... Under a 40-year lease with the EDC, CEC gained responsibility for the design and construction of Solar 2, educational programming, and park maintenance ... In May 2003, CEC opened Solar 1, a solar-powered building, where students and residents from the City and the greater Metro area learn first hand the principles about ...