Catch The Hare - Game Play and Rules

Game Play and Rules

1. Players decide what colors to play. Players alternate their turns.

2. The hare is placed at the center of the board. The twelve hunters are place on the first two ranks of one side of the board, and two pieces are placed on the third rank specifically at the edge of the board.

3. The hunters move first.

4. Hare and hunters move alike. They move one space onto a vacant point following the pattern on the board. Only one piece may be moved by each player per turn.

5. The hare can also capture by leaping over an adjacent hunter, and landing on a vacant point on the other side. The leap must be in a straight line and follow the pattern on the board. The hare can continue to leap over more hunters provided there exist exactly one vacant point in between the hunters, and a vacant point beyond the last hunter. The hare can stop leaping even when there are more hunters to capture. Captured pieces are removed from the board. Captures are not compulsory. Unlike the hare, the hunters can not capture.

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