Catch or caught may refer to:

In sports:

  • Catch (baseball), a maneuver in baseball
  • Caught (cricket), a method of getting out in cricket
  • Catch (game), tossing a ball
  • Catch or Reception (American football)
  • Catch, part of a rowing stroke

In music:

  • Catch (music), a form of round
  • Catch (band), an English band
  • "Catch" (song), a song by The Cure
  • Catch (song), a song by Kosheen
  • Catch (album), an album by Misako Odani
  • Catch!, an album by Shion Tsuji
  • Carl Choi, also known as "Catch", owns "Catch Music Group"/"Catch Adventures"

In other uses:

  • Catch Digital, a Digital Agency in London
  • Caught (1949 film)
  • Caught (1996 film)
  • catch, a computer-language command in exception handling syntax
  • 22q11.2 deletion syndrome, a genetic disorder also known as CATCH-22
  • catch (gun)

Other articles related to "catch":

Catch Thirtythree
... Catch Thirtythree is the fifth full-length studio album by Swedish metal band Meshuggah ... Catch Thirtythree entered the Billboard 200 chart at number 170 ... different kinds of paradoxes, hence the title Catch Thirtythree (see Catch-22) ...
Allusive - Examples of Allusion - Catch-22
... Catch-22 is set on a U.S ... “Catch-22” refers to a regulation that states an airman’s request to be relieved from flight duty can only be granted if he is judged to be insane ... Later in the book the old woman in Rome explains that Catch-22 means "They can do whatever they want to do." This refers to the theme of the novel in which ...
... Catch-Flame! was recorded at London’s Alexandra Palace and is Paul Weller’s third solo live album ... Catch-Flame! entered the UK chart at #17 on 18 June 2006 ...
Trophic Level - FiB Index
... index is defined, for any year y, by where is the catch at year y, is the mean trophic level of the catch at year y, is the catch, the mean trophic level of the catch at the start of the series being analyzed ... of time when changes in trophic levels are matched by appropriate changes in the catch in the opposite direction ... plots of trophic level versus catch originally observed by Pauly and others in 1998 ...

Famous quotes containing the word catch:

    There is grey in your hair.
    Young men no longer suddenly catch their breath
    When you are passing;
    But maybe some old gaffer mutters a blessing
    Because it was your prayer
    Recovered him upon the bed of death.
    William Butler Yeats (1865–1939)

    She whom I love is hard to catch and conquer,
    Hard, but O the glory of the winning were she won!
    George Meredith (1828–1909)

    And that is ... how they are. So terribly physically all over one another. They pour themselves one over the other like so much melted butter over parsnips. They catch each other under the chin, with a tender caress of the hand, and they smile with sunny melting tenderness into each other’s face.
    —D.H. (David Herbert)