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Charles Sanders Peirce Bibliography - Primary Literature - Other Collections
... Reprinted 1956, George Braziller, hardcover, 318 pages ... by Kenneth Laine Ketner, University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln, NE, UNP catalog page, 318 pages, paperback (ISBN 978-0-8032-8751-8, ISBN 0-8032-8751-8) ... Reprinted 2000, under title Chance, Love, and Logic, 386 pages, in series D ...
Charles Sanders Peirce Bibliography - Secondary Literature - Anthologies and Journals' Special Issues
... Vitality, University of Illinois Press, Urbana, IL, 280 pages, hardcover (ISBN 978-0252024542, ISBN 0-252-02454-0), paperback (ISBN 978-0-252-06760-0) UIP catalog page ... Perspectives on Peirce Critical Essays on Charles Sanders Peirce, Yale University Press, 148 pages (ISBN 0300003080), reprinted, Greenwood Press, Westport, CT, 148 pages, hardcover (ISBN 978-0-313-22414-0 ... Leuven 1997, Leuven University Press, 154 pages, paperback (ISBN 978-9061869399, ISBN 90-6186-939-0), LUP catalog page ...

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