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Castles In The United Kingdom - 13th–14th Centuries - Military Developments
... Castle design in Britain continued to change towards the end of the 12th century ... After Henry II mottes ceased to be built in most of England, although they continued to be erected in Wales and along the Marches ... Castles began to take on a more regular, enclosed shape, ideally quadrilateral or at least polygonal in design, especially in the more prosperous south ...
Japanese Castle - Architecture and Defenses
... Japanese castles were built in a variety of environments, but all were constructed within variations of a fairly well-defined architectural scheme ... Yamajiro (山城), or "mountain castles" were the most common, and provided the best natural defenses ... However, castles built on flat plains (平城, hirajiro) and those built on lowlands hills (平山城, hirayamajiro) were not uncommon, and a few very isolated castles were ...
Castle - History - Innovation and Scientific Design
... Until the 12th century, stone-built and earth and timber castles were contemporary, but by the late 12th century the number of castles being built went into ... This has been partly attributed to the higher cost of stone-built fortifications, and the obsolescence of timber and earthwork sites, which meant it ... by their stone successors, timber and earthwork castles were by no means useless ...
Castles In The United Kingdom - Norman Invasion - Architecture
... There was a large degree of variation in the size and exact shape of the castles built in England and Wales after the invasion ... One popular form of castle was the motte and bailey, in which earth would be piled up into a mound (called a motte) to support a wooden tower, and a wider enclosed area built alongside it (called a ... Another widespread design was the ringwork in which earth would be built up in a circular or oval shape and topped with a wooden rampart Folkestone Castle is a good example of a Norman ringwork, in ...

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    Struck in the wet mire
    Four thousand leagues from the ninth buried city
    I thought of Troy, what we had built her for.
    Allen Tate (1899–1979)

    Though castles topple on their warder’s heads,
    Though palaces and pyramids do slope
    Their heads to their foundations; though the treasure
    Of nature’s germens tumble all together,
    Even till destruction sicken—answer me
    To what I ask you.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)