Caspian can refer to:

  • The Caspian Sea
  • The Caspian Depression, surrounding the northern part of the Caspian Sea
  • The Caspians, the ancient people living near the Caspian Sea
  • Caspian languages, collection of languages and dialects of Caspian people

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Lord Drinian - The Silver Chair
... remained a good friend and trusted advisor of King Caspian X ... Though Caspian is depicted as being significantly older in this work than in the previous one, Drinian is not described in the same manner ... In fact, Drinian has even become a close friend of Caspian's son Rilian ...
Caspian Shad
... Caspian Shad (Alosa caspia) is a shad living in the Caspian Sea Caspian shad, Alosa caspia caspia Enzeli shad, Alosa caspia knipowitschi Astrabad shad, Alosa caspia ...
Second Battle Of Beruna - History
... from the country of Telmar, under the command of Caspian I, and fell to them shortly after ... Many centuries later, a young Telmarine Prince, Caspian X, was chased from his father's castle by his murderous uncle, Miraz ... These three aided Caspian in gathering a small army of Narnian survivors together, and they began to wage war on the Telmarines and Miraz ...
Aral–Caspian Depression
... The Aral-Caspian Depression is a lowland depression straddling Europe and Asia around the Aral Sea and Northern Caspian Sea ... The most northern part is called the Caspian Depression ... The desert part to the east of the Caspian Depression and Caspian is called the Turan Depression ...
Caspian - Other Uses
... CASPIAN, or Consumers Against Supermarket Privacy Invasion and Numbering, a grass-roots consumer organization Caspian Airlines, an airline based in ...

Famous quotes containing the word caspian:

    The Volga flows into the Caspian Sea.... Horses eat oats and hay....
    Anton Pavlovich Chekhov (1860–1904)