Case Markers

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Atayal Language - Grammar - Case Markers
... Mayrinax Atayal has an elaborate case marking system ... The Mayrinax case markers below are sourced from Huang (2002) ... Mayrinax Atayal Case Markers Case Nominative Accusative Genitive/ Oblique Comitative Proper noun ʔiʔ ʔiʔ niʔ kiʔ Common noun (referential) kuʔ ckuʔ nkuʔ - Common noun (non-referential) a ...
Korean Grammar - Substantives - Postpositions
... Korean postpositions are also known as case markers ... Examples include 는 (neun, topic marker) and 를 (reul, object marker) ... Case clitics Both nouns and pronouns take case clitics ...
Proto-Austronesian Language - Syntax - Interrogatives and Case Markers
... complete reconstruction of the Proto-Austronesian case marker system is offered by Malcolm Ross ... The reconstructed case markers are as follows Proto-Austronesian case markers Common nouns Singular personal nouns Plural personal nouns Neutral *a, *u *i – Nominative *k-a *k-u ...

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