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USS Alabama (BB-60) - Service History - World War II - 1944
... the Ellice Islands, on 21 January 1944, and there she rejoined the Fast Carrier Task Forces ... She was assigned to Task Group 58.2, which was centered around the carrier Essex and light carriers ... On 12 February, Alabama sortied out with the aircraft carrier Bunker Hill's Task Group, and many other members of the Fast Carrier Task Force to launch very major carrier air attacks on the Japanese installations ...
Fast Carrier Task Force
... The Fast Carrier Task Force was the main striking force of the United States Navy in the Pacific Ocean theatre of World War II ... As a general rule it was made up of four separate task groups, each of which comprised three to four carriers and their supporting vessels ... The carriers were supported by destroyers, cruisers, and the newly built and faster battleships ...
USS Platte (AO-24) - Service History - World War II
... and was underway on 11 January 1942 in company with the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise (CV-6), flagship of Admiral William F ... Commander of Task Force 8 ... She provided underway replenishment services for this carrier task force as it guarded troop and cargo ships reinforcing the Samoan Islands ...
USS Wasp (CV-18) - Service History - World War II - 1943–1944
... On 10 January 1944, the new aircraft carrier departed Boston steamed to Hampton Roads, Virginia and remained there until the last day of the month, when she sailed for Trinidad, her base of operations through 22 ... Montgomery's newly formed Task Group 58.6 (TG 58.6) of Vice Admiral Marc A ... Mitscher's Fast Carrier Task Force (TF 58) ...
Essex Class Aircraft Carrier - Design
... design had come a long way from the comparatively light planes used in carriers during the 1930s ... Most of the first-line carriers of the pre-war years were equipped with flush deck catapults, but owing to the speed and size of these ships very little ... under these circumstances, with some carrier commanding officers reporting up to 40% of launches by catapult ...

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