Carol - Other Uses

Other Uses

  • Carol's Daughter, line of beauty products
  • Carol & Company, American comedy show on NBC 1990-91
  • Carol + 2, second multi-year series of television variety specials starring Carol Burnett which aired on CBS
  • Carol City, Florida, part of the South Florida metropolitan area
  • CAROL, a Roland short-range air defence missile system
  • Carol (music), a festive song
    • Christmas carol, carols sung at Christmas
  • Carol (anime), an anime OVA featuring character designs by Yun Kouga
  • Carol (novel), a novel by Patricia Highsmith
  • Hurricane Carol, a 1954 tropical cyclone
  • Mazda Carol, a kei car automobile
  • Carol, a Japanese rock band that Eikichi Yazawa once belonged to
  • "Carol" (song), a rock 'n roll song written and recorded by Chuck Berry in 1958
  • Carol (Chara album), 2009
  • Carol (Carol Banawa album), 1997

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