• (adj): (used of plants as well as animals) feeding on animals.
    Example: "Carnivorous plants are capable of trapping and digesting small animals especially insects"
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Colura Zoophaga - Carnivory
... epiphytic and deriving all nutrients from rainwater, has been compared to that of known carnivorous plants such as Brocchinia reducta, an epiphytic bromeliad ... The carnivorous habit typically evolves in genera and species that are located in nutrient-poor habitats, but are very moist ... In that way, this species of liverwort at least fits the profile for a carnivorous plant ...
... capitate glands on the upper surfaces of leaves was an indication that these species may be carnivorous ... minensis for protease activity, a typical test for the carnivorous syndrome, and could detect none ... qualitatively assessed prey digestion and nutrient uptake, suggesting that it is a true carnivorous plant ...
List Of Carnivorous Plants
... This list of carnivorous plants is a comprehensive listing of all known carnivorous plant species ... It is mostly based on Jan Schlauer's Carnivorous Plant Database ...
Mona – The Carnivorous Circus
... Mona—The Carnivorous Circus is a 1970 album by the UK underground artist Mick Farren ... Carnivorous Circus" is a montage of song and spoken word, featuring interviews with a Hells Angel and Steve Took, the latter recounting time he ...
Carnivorous Fungus
... Carnivorous fungi or predaceous fungi are fungi that derive some or most of their nutrients from trapping and digesting microscopic or other minute animals ... Similarly fungi in orifices and the digestive tract of animals are not carnivorous, and neither are internal pathogens ... Neither are insect pathogens that stun and colonize insects normally labelled carnivorous if the fungal thallus is mainly in the insect as does Cordyceps, or if it clings to the insect like the Laboulbeniales ...

More definitions of "carnivorous":

  • (adj): Relating to or characteristic of carnivores.
    Example: "The lion and other carnivorous animals"