Carbonyl Group

  • (noun): The bivalent radical CO.

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Piranha Solution - Mechanism of Action
... oxygen first to attach directly to a surface carbon to form a carbonyl group In the above process, the oxygen atom in effect “steals” an electron bonding pair from the central carbon ... Further oxidation, for example, can convert the initial carbonyl group into carbon dioxide and create a new carbonyl group on the neighbouring carbon ...
Cyclol - Partial Redemption
... cyclol reaction is the addition of the NH amine of a peptide group to the C=O carbonyl group of another the resulting compound is now called an azacyclol ... By analogy, an oxacyclol is formed when an OH hydroxyl group is added to a peptidyl carbonyl group ... is formed by adding an SH thiol moiety to a peptidyl carbonyl group ...
Nysted Reagent
... This reagent is used in methylenation of a carbonyl group ... Olefination, Nysted reagent reacts with TiCl4 to methylenate a carbonyl group ... Nysted reagent can methylenate different carbonyl groups in the presence of different mediators ...
Solid-phase Synthesis of Peptides
... Usually, peptides are synthesized from the carbonyl group side (C-terminus) to amino group side (N-terminus) of the amino acid chain in this method, although ... material (most commonly, low cross-linked polystyrene beads), forming a covalent bond between the carbonyl group and the resin, most often an amido or an ester ... Then the amino group is deprotected and reacted with the carbonyl group of the next amino-protected amino acid ...

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