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Car Chase - In Reality - Interjurisdictional Pursuits and Policy Issues
... police pursuits is the problem of multiple law enforcement agencies becoming involved in a car chase that crosses municipal and jurisdictional boundaries ... "Inter-Jurisdictional Pursuit Policy" to address the problems inherent in car chases that involved more that one law enforcement agency ... (20) local law enforcement agencies could agree to abide by when car chases crossed their borders ...
Car Chase - In Computer and Video Games
... Certain racing computer and video games with police cars have car chase (pursuit) racing/evasion modes ... The Driver series (1999 to present), is described as a direct tribute to car chases, and all games in the series, with the exception of Parallel Lines, have featured ... classic TV series, and the majority of the game revolves around a car chase of some sort through the various missions on offer ...
List Of Late Night With Conan O'Brien Sketches - Late Night Sketches - Former Sketches
... Car Chases - Conan explains that television shows' ratings go up when they cut to a car chase in action ... He tells the audience that Late Night will begin doing this, however there are no car chases in Manhattan due to traffic congestion ... So Late Night stages their own "car chases" ...
The Blues Brothers (film) - Reception - Critical Reception
... for its simplistic plot and being overly reliant on car chases ... praised it for its energetic musical numbers and said that the car chases were "incredible" ... engorging "the frail plot of The Blues Brothers with car chases and crack-ups, filmed with such avid, humorless starkness on the streets of Chicago that comic sensations are virtually ...

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    Sleep, nature’s rest, divine tranquillity,
    That brings peace to the mind and chases far
    All care; that soothes our breasts by daily toil
    Over-wearied, and prepares for labor new.
    Ovid (Publius Ovidius Naso)

    One way to do it might be by making the scenery penetrate the automobile. A polished black sedan was a good subject, especially if parked at the intersection of a tree-bordered street and one of those heavyish spring skies whose bloated gray clouds and amoeba-shaped blotches of blue seem more physical than the reticent elms and effusive pavement. Now break the body of the car into separate curves and panels; then put it together in terms of reflections.
    Vladimir Nabokov (1899–1977)