The term canister comes from Latin (canistrum = basket) or Greek (κάναστρον = wicker basket, or earthenware container). It means:

  • Originally, from Greek κάννα (= reed, cane, anything made of reeds), a basket of woven reeds
  • Now commonly, any container that is roughly cylindrical in shape.
  • The abbreviated form "can" refers more specifically to a metal canister.
  • A container for 35mm film for use in cameras
  • Pods used for parachute supply drops
  • Gas containers used for riot control and on the contrary :
  • A perforated metal box which is part of a gas mask
  • The carbon dioxide scrubber of a rebreather
  • The filter which absorbs gasoline vapour in a car tank
  • A cylindrical bell worn by sheep, that was traditionally used in Sussex, England, especially on the South Downs.
  • Canister shot or case-shot, which were types of artillery rounds used in warfare as anti-personnel ammunition

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