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Pegasus Tenma

Pegasus Tenma (天馬星座(ペガサス)の天馬, Pegasasu no Tenma?)
Trained to be the Pegasus Saint by Crateris Suikyō, Tenma is Seiya's incarnation in the 18th century and Alone's best friend. After he and Alone escape from Libra Dohko and Aries Shion, Tenma realizes that his friend has become Hades. He vows to protect Alone, but, when he tries to make him remember who he is, Pandora and some Skeleton soldiers intervene and Tenma has to be saved by Dohko and Shion. The trio is then beset by Griffon Vermeer and Suikyō, who reveals himself as the Garuda Specter. The Saints manage to escape after Pandora summons the Specters and drink water from the Crateris Cloth to revitalize themselves. There, Tenma sees his future: Seiya in a wheelchair. Returning to Sanctuary with Dohko and Shion, Tenma later encounters Andromeda Shun and the two begin to climb the Twelve Temples, joining forces to protect the infant time-traveling Athena.
An alternate version of Tenma makes an appearance in the spin-off manga Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas, where his name is spelled only in katakana.

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