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Top 4 Performance Show

Craig Sharpe:

  • Zack Werner: "The fact is that song totally fits your pipes and your vibe and if you won this thing and released it, it would go number one" (1)
  • Farley Flex: "It was really easy to choose songs for you" (2)

Tyler Lewis:

  • Zack Werner: "I was all ready to go 'he shoots, he scores,' but you came out really flat in the third period" (1)
  • Zack Werner: "You scared some children under their beds." (2)

Chad Doucette: (Eliminated)

  • Jake Gold: "You delivered it. You did exactly what we thought you would do with that song." (1)
  • Farley Flex: "The most memorable voice on the show" (1)
  • Sass Jordan: "I've got to say I was hurting a bit at the beginning, but you totally redeemed yourself with that moment at the end" (2)

Eva Avila:

  • Farley Flex: "You gave us a vision of who you will be." (1)
  • Jake Gold: "I thought vocally it was really good, but... it's an angry song, but you were smiling" (1)
  • Zack Werner: "I say Canadian Idol: Eva Avila." (2)

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