Cally may refer to:

  • Cally (Blake's 7), a fictional character from the British science fiction television series Blake's 7
  • Cally Harper, a fictional character from the television series Dallas
  • Cally Stone, a main character in the television series Dark Oracle
  • Cally Tyrol, a fictional character from the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica series
  • The "Cally" is also a local colloquial name for the Caledonian Road in Islington, London, UK.

Other articles related to "cally":

Cally Stone - Character History - Violet
... She is Cally's alter-ego ... She is more impulsive than Cally ... She makes only a brief appearance in Lance and Cally's world, causing an uproar in the cafeteria ...
Cally Stone - Triva
... Lance is 20 minutes and 11 seconds older than Cally ... Cally's hair and eye colours are brown while Violet, Cally's alter-ego, has black hair and her eye colour is blue ...
Cally Stone - Character History - Season 1
... Cally was the first to discover the comic Book Dark Oracle, when she was looking at another comic and Nemo changes the book to Dark Oracle without her knowing, although Cally puts the comic book back ... Like when Cally's alter ego, Violet, who receives a letter from a secret admirer, then Cally gets a secret admirer when Violet confronts (her) own version of Hutch and rejects him, both worlds mix ... Later Cally gets chosen to prepare the annual fashion show of the tenth class, but the show becomes a disaster when Violet has a different plan for the show ...
Cally Harper Ewing
... Cally Ewing (born Calpurnia Harper) is a fictional character, who appeared in the later seasons of the popular American television series Dallas, played by Cathy Podewell (1988-1991) ... Cally was the second wife of the nefarious J.R ... Cathy Podewell will reprise her role as Cally Harper for J.R.'s funeral episode in the second series of Dallas in 2013 ...