A bystander a person who, although present at some event, does not take part in it; an observer or spectator.

  • Bystander effect, a social psychological phenomenon wherein individuals do not offer help in an emergency situation when other people are present
  • Bystanders of bullying, the bystander in a bullying context
  • Bystanders of scientific misconduct

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Michael Otsuka
... who was thrown off the top of a building by an evil Villain) is on a moral par with Bystander, or one who is not at all responsible for whatever endangers your ... you and will kill you unless you pull Bystander into its path so it kills Bystander instead ... Because it would be morally impermissible to kill Bystander in this way, it would also be morally impermissible for you to kill Falling Person by, say, vaporizing him with a ray gun ...
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... Bystander effect (radiobiology), the phenomenon in which unirradiated cells exhibit irradiated effects as a result of signals received from nearby irradiated cells Bystander Nunatak, a ...
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... The Fall/Winter 2006–2007 Issue feature an article on the Bystander Effect and explained why we sometimes shackle our moral instincts, and how we can ... nothing to show the negative effects of the bystander effect ... The editors examine how the bystander effect is involved in many modern activities the bystander is a modern archetype from the Holocaust to the genocide in ...
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... Bystander, a British weekly tabloid magazine, featured reviews, topical sketches, and short stories ... The magazine ran until 1940, when it merged with the Tatler (titled Tatler Bystander until 1968) ...
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... Experiments performed at microbeam facilities have since shown the existence of a bystander effect ... A bystander effect is any biological response to radiation in cells or tissues that did not experience a radiation traversal ... These "bystander" cells are neighbors of cells that have experienced a traversal ...