Buss may refer to:

  • Buss (surname), a family name
  • Buß, another spelling for Buss, e.g. Martin Buß or Franz Josef Ritter von Buß
  • Herring buss, a small fishing boat
  • Kiss, the pressing of lips
  • Buss Island, a phantom island of the Age of Exploration

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... Tour Articulado Low Floor Coaches Panorâmico DD Jum Buss 400 Jum Buss 380 Jum Buss 360 Vissta Buss Elegance 360 Vissta Buss Elegance 380 Vissta Buss HI Vissta Buss LO El Buss 340 El Buss 320 Interbuss ...
Herring Buss - Herring Fleets
... For there was one of them that having a gallant great new Buss of his own, and he having a daughter married unto one that was his Mate in the Buss the Owner ... and being fishing in the North seas, they had soon filled their Buss with herrings and a Herring-Yager cometh unto them, and brings them gold and fresh supplies and copeth ... And still is the Buss fishing at sea, and soon after again was full laden and boone home but then another Yager cometh unto him as did the former, and delivering them more provision of ...
Robert William Buss - Later Life
... In 1837 publishers Saunders and Otley hired Buss to illustrate a new edition of Frederick Marryat's Peter Simple and Henry Colburn hired him to illustrate Frances Trollope's The Widow Married ... For some years Buss worked for Charles Knight, designing wood-engravings for his editions of 'London' (1841–4), 'William Shakespeare', (1842–3), and 'Old England' (1845–6) ... Buss married Frances Fleetwood on March 21, 1826, and the couple settled in Camden Town, London, where they had ten children, six of whom survived infancy ...
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Frances Buss
... Frances Mary Buss (16 August 1827 – 24 December 1894) was a headmistress and an English pioneer of women's education ... The daughter of Robert William Buss, a painter,part-time prostitute and etcher, and his wife, Frances Fleetwood, Buss was one of six of their ten children to survive into adulthood ... The Buss's school was renamed the North London Collegiate School and moved to larger premises in Camden Street on 4 April 1850 ...