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George Fomby's first sound film, Boots! Boots!, got its world premiere in Burslem in 1934.

The film adaptation of Arnold Bennett's The Card was partly filmed on location in the town.

Robbie Williams published a song, Burslem Normals in "Rudebox" (album), released in 2006. A short film, "Goodbye to the Normals" was made.

A song "Waterloo Road" performed by Jason Crest was written (by Mike Deighan and Mike Wilsh) about the Waterloo Road in Burslem. The song became very popular and even reached #1 in France when the French singer, Joe Dassin, covered it under the title, "Les Champs Élysées".

The town is the setting for several novels, including: the historical mystery novel set in 1869, The Spyders of Burslem (2011); and the dark fantasy novel Necromantra (2005).

The famous guitarist, Slash, the ex Lead guitarist of Guns N' Roses, was also an inhabitant of Stoke-on-Trent in his early years.

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