Burkevale Protestant Separate School

Burkevale Protestant Separate School is Ontario, Canada's last remaining Protestant separate school and is the only school in the Penetanguishene Protestant Separate School Board. It is located in Penetanguishene on the corner of Peel and Burke Street. The original two story, red brick building was built in the year 1882 for a cost of $3500. A two story addition was added in 1909-1910. The building was torn down in June 1965 to make way for the current Burkevale Protestant Separate School.

The current school has a population of 253 students in classes from kindergarten to grade 8 and a staff of 27 (2007). The school's mascot is a bulldog and its motto is "Striving for Excellence". The school is well known for its state of the art education technology, full music program and great athletic teams. The current principal is Mr. Tim Mallon.

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