Burial or interment is the ritual act of placing a dead person or animal, and/or objects into the ground. This is accomplished by excavating a pit or trench, placing the deceased or the object(s) in it, and covering it over.

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Camperdown Cemetery - History - Closure To Sales
... Half of the burials were of paupers, who were placed in communal graves at the expense of the government or the Benevolent Society ... four coffins, and an unfilled grave might frequently be left open between the morning and afternoon burials in order to receive another coffin ... From 1868, there were no more pauper's burials at Camperdown ...
Minor Tombs In The Valley Of The Kings
... tombs are small, often only consisting of a single burial chamber accessed by means of a shaft or a staircase with a corridor or a series of corridors leading to the chamber ... These minor tombs served various purposes, some were intended for burials of lesser royalty or for private burials, some contained animal burials and others apparently never received a primary burial ...
Burials - Alternatives To Burial
... Burial at sea is the practice of depositing the body in an ocean or other large body of water instead of soil ... Sky burial involves placing the body on a mountaintop ...

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    Cole’s Hill was the scene of the secret night burials of those who died during the first year of the settlement. Corn was planted over their graves so that the Indians should not know how many of their number had perished.
    —For the State of Massachusetts, U.S. public relief program (1935-1943)