Bundle Sheath

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Anatomy - Major Leaf Tissues - Veins
... A vein is made up of a vascular bundle ... At the core of each bundle are clusters of two distinct types of ducts (tubes) Xylem ducts that bring water and minerals from the roots into the leaf ... A sheath of ground tissue made of lignin surrounding the ducts ...
C4 Carbon Fixation - C4 Leaf Anatomy
... Their vascular bundles are surrounded by two rings of cells, the inner ring, called bundle sheath cells, contain starch-rich chloroplasts lacking grana, which differ from those in mesophyll cells present as the outer ... a significantly higher CO2 concentration in the bundle sheath compared to the mesophyll, the boundary layer of the kranz has a low conductance to CO2, a property that may be ... anatomy, there are many species that operate a limited C4 cycle without any distinct bundle sheath tissue ...
Phosphoenolpyruvate Carboxykinase - PEPCK in Different Species - Plants
... In PEPCK-type C4 plants the oxaloacetate is then converted to aspartate, which travels to the bundle sheath ... In the bundle sheath cells, aspartate is converted back to oxaloacetate ... PEPCK decarboxylates the bundle sheath oxaloacetate, releasing carbon dioxide, which is then fixed by the enzyme Rubisco ...

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