Bullseye may refer to:

  • The geometric shape ◉
  • ʘ, phonetic symbol for bilabial click
  • Bullseye (shooting competition), a shooting sport, in which participants shoot handguns at paper targets at fixed distances and time limits
  • "Bullseye" (song), from the Aly & AJ album Insomniatic
  • Bullseye (target), the centre of a target
  • Bullseye by Intelliseek, a computer program
  • Bullseye, alternative name for crown glass (window)
  • Bullseye cancel, alternative name for socked on the nose, a postage stamp cancellation mark

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Lady Bullseye
... Lady Bullseye is a fictional character, a supervillain in the Marvel Comics Universe ... A female counterpart of Bullseye, she was created by Ed Brubaker, Marko Djurdjevic, and Clay Mann, first appearing in Daredevil #111 ...
Amy Brazil
... Brazil is the artist commissioned by Target Corporation to paint Bullseye, their mascot ... The painting of Bullseye, which now hangs in Target's corporate headquarters in Minneapolis, has the rings over Bullseye's left eye, set on a red background covered in crystals ...
Lady Bullseye - Fictional Character Biography
... Matsumoto is her birth name, or an assumed one) who would become Lady Bullseye was imprisoned by the Yakuza, who planned to sell her and many others into sexual slavery ... However, Bullseye, on an unrelated errand, arrived to slaughter the mobsters ... The sight of Bullseye effortlessly killing her captors inspired the girl to escape and become a killer ...
Bullseye By Intelliseek - Features
... The last version of BullsEye (v 3.0) has these features Government agent accesses over 100+ US Government search engines ... sources in a single application - 1000+ for BullsEye Pro and 800+ for BullsEye Plus ... search a website with the incorporated spidering BullsEye Tracker (Pro feature only) can track information at the site, page or item level or track what's new within a specified date range and then send e ...
Bullseye - Film, Television, and Radio
... Bullseye (1987 film), Australian movie Bullseye!, 1990 British comedy movie Bullseye (The Avengers), episode of The Avengers Bullseye (CNBC TV series ...