Bulgarian Empire

In the medieval history of Europe, Bulgaria's status as the Bulgarian Empire (Bulgarian: Българско царство, Balgarsko tsarstvo ), wherein it acted as a key regional power (particularly rivaling Byzantium in Southeastern Europe) occurred in two distinct periods: between the seventh and eleventh centuries, and again between the twelfth and fourteenth centuries. The two "Bulgarian Empires" are not treated as separate entities, but rather as one state restored after a period of Byzantine rule over its territory.

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Second Bulgarian Empire - Names
... During Kaloyan's reign the state was sometimes called as both of Bulgarians and Vlachs ... such as the Latin emperor Henry mentioned the state as Bulgaria and Bulgarian Empire in official letters ... the state is called the Second Bulgarian Empire, Second Bulgarian Tsardom or the Second Bulgarian Kingdom (to distinguish it from the First Bulgarian Empire) ...
Bulgarians In Romania - History - Antiquity and Medieval Bulgarian Empire
... the ethnogenesis of the Romanian people and possibly the Bulgarian people (along with Slavs and Bulgars), although this is a matter of dispute ... of the Danube, establishing the First Bulgarian Empire in the 7th century ... Danube and the Carpathians were scarcely settled, but they were often at least nominally under Bulgarian control in the 9th and 10th century, as well as during some periods ...
Albania Under The Bulgarian Empire
... The territory of modern Albania was part of the Bulgarian Empire during certain periods in the Middle Ages and some parts in what is now eastern Albania were populated and ruled ... Most of Albania became part of the First Empire in the early 840s during the reign of Khan Presian ... inner mountainous country remained one of the last Bulgarian strongholds to be conquered by the Byzantines in 1018/1019 during the fall of the First Bulgarian Empire ...
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... The First Bulgarian Empire's greatest territorial extent during the reign of Tsar Simeon Map of Bulgaria in its largest extension during Samuel's ...
South Slavs - History - Slavic States - Bulgaria
... Further information First Bulgarian Empire and Second Bulgarian Empire Following the collapse of Old Great Bulgaria, Asparukh's Bulgars arrived in Scythia Minor in 680 and allied ... as a sovereign country, known nowadays as the First Bulgarian Empire ... and Cyrillic alphabets and the formation of a literary Bulgarian language, the Bulgars and Slavs finally merged into the Bulgarian people ...

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