BU may stand for:

  • Backup
  • Brabender Units, a unit of flour analysis measured by a farinograph
  • Bethesda unit, a measure of inhibitor activity relating to a coagulation factor
  • Biological unit, the smallest number of protein molecules which form a biologically active unit
  • Braathens' IATA airline designator
  • BU, Brilliant Uncirculated or Beautiful Uncirculated in numismatic coin grading
  • Builder (US Navy), a Seabee occupational rating in the U.S. Navy
  • Bulgaria's country code
  • Burma's ISO3166-3 country code
  • Business unit, a division within a company, as in strategic business unit
  • BU(n), the classifying space for the unitary group U(n).

Bu may refer to:

  • -Bu, a common shorthand for butyl, a functional group in organic chemistry
  • Bû, a settlement in France
  • bu, a Japanese unit for measuring length equivalent to 3.03 millimeters
  • bù a Chinese unit for measuring length equivalent to 1.66 meters
  • Bu, a clay pot used as an instrument in traditional Korean music
  • Bushel, a unit of capacity

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