Brythonic may refer to:

  • British language, or Brythonic, the Celtic language anciently spoken in Great Britain
  • Brythonic languages, a branch of the Celtic languages descended from British
  • Britons (historical), the Celtic people of Great Britain in ancient times

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Languages Of Scotland - Celtic Languages - Brythonic Languages
... None of the Brythonic languages of Scotland survive to the modern day, though they have been reconstructed to a degree ... There are also many Brythonic influences on Scottish Gaelic ... Often the Brythonic influence on Scots Gaelic is indicated by considering the Irish Gaelic usage which is not likely to have been influenced so much by Brythonic ...
P-Celtic And Q-Celtic Languages
... The theory links Gaulish with Brythonic as P-Celtic and links Goidelic with Celtiberian as Q-Celtic ... For example the word for head is pen in Brythonic languages but ceann in Goidelic the word for son is mab (earlier map) in Brythonic but mac in Goidelic – maqq on the Primitive Irish Ogham inscriptions ... P-Celtic incorporates the following Gallic Gaulish Lepontic Noric Galatian Pritennic Pictish Brythonic (British) West Brythonic Old Welsh Middle Welsh Welsh Cumbric ...
Cumbrian Dialect - History of Cumbrian Language - Celtic Influence
... These people would have spoken Brythonic, which developed into Old Welsh, but around the 5th century AD, when Cumbria was the centre of the kingdom of Rheged, the language spoken in northern England and southern ... Remnants of Brythonic and Cumbric are most often seen in place names, in elements such as caer 'fort' as in Carlisle, pen 'hill' as in Penrith and craig 'crag ...