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Implementation Of Bus Rapid Transit By Country - Europe - France
... In service Créteil "TVM" operated by RATP is a tangential BRT linking southern Paris suburbs ... It was the second BRT implemented in France in the 80s even though, in Saint-Maur-des-Fossés, for political reasons, there's still no right of way through this conservative city ... Moreover this system is still operated with conventional buses and articulated buses and not branded ...
Implementation Of Bus Rapid Transit By Country - Americas - United States
... Further information List of bus rapid transit systems#United States Before it even had the name, Bus Rapid Transit first got major backing in the United States with the rise of ... Today, American BRT initiatives receive a great deal of support from the Federal Transit Administration ... Planned BRT lines are now eligible to be included in the FTA's New Starts program, which was formerly reserved only for rail projects ...

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