Browse, browser or browsing may refer to:

  • Browse, a kind of orienting strategy in animals and human beings
  • Browsing (herbivory), a type of feeding behavior in herbivores
  • Web browser, used to access the World Wide Web
  • File browser, also known as a file manager, used to manage files and related objects
  • Help browser, for reading online help
  • Code browser, for navigating source code
  • Browser service, a feature of Microsoft Windows to let users browse and locate shared resources in neighboring computers

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Book Link
... BookLink is a United States based web browser company founded by David Wetherell in February 1994 as a subsidiary of CMG Information Services ... In September 1994, Microsoft, wanting BookLink's browser technology for Windows 95 and the Microsoft Network, offered Wetherell a one-time, flat fee of US$2 million for the source code ... BookLink's browser was acquired by AOL in November 1994 for 710,000 shares of AOL's common stock, valued at the time at US$30 million ...
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... known as Samba, is an early minimalist web browser from 1992 meant to run on Macintosh computers ... It was the first web browser for the Mac OS platform, and the first for any non-Unix operating system ... Unlike modern browsers it opens each link in a new window only after a double-click ...
Agora (web Browser)
... Archive) Agora, W3C history Agora was a World Wide Web email browser and was a proof of concept to help people to use the full internet ... Agora was an email-based web browser designed for non-graphic terminals and to help people without full access to the internet such as in developing countries or ...