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Brough Superior Sidecars

Brough Superior also manufactured sidecars. The sidecars had coach-built bodies, and some carried a spare tire, while others offered two seats for occasional use. The fit and finish of these sidecars were of the highest standard, as were the motorcycles. These sidecars all offered good protection from the elements. Many of the earlier sidecars were built to Brough Superior specification, while later sidecar frames were manufactured in the Brough Superior factory. Later sidecars were unique in the fact that the frame of the sidecar held fuel. The sidecar frame looped over the top of the sidecar body and had a filler cap at the topmost position. Fuel was pressurized by hand pump which allowed transfer of fuel from the sidecar to the petrol tank of the motorcycle. Two different bodies could be ordered for the petrol tube sidecar; cruiser or sports. The various sidecars were offered in the yearly Brough Superior sales catalogs8:

  • 1921: "Sporting Sidecar" manufactured by Montgomery Sidecars to Brough Superior Specifications.
  • 1922: "Sidecar" registered to the design of the manufacturer.
  • 1923: "Brough Superior Sidecar" registered to the design of the manufacturer.
  • 1924: "Brough Superior Sidecar", "Brough Superior Swallow Coupe", "Brough Superior Sporting", "Brough Superior Sporting Tourist".
  • 1925: "Brough Superior Sporting Sidecar", "Brough Superior Touring Sidecar".
  • 1926: "Brough Superior Super Sports Sidecar", and made mention of other sidecars available.
  • 1927: "Brough Superior Touring Sports" was mentioned in the 1928 catalog mentions the popularity of it in 1927. No mention of sidecars were in the 1927 catalog.
  • 1928: "Brough Superior Touring Sports", "Brough Superior Cruiser" are listed.
  • 1929: "Brough Superior Spring Frame Cruiser" Sidecar is introduced with reference to many other sidecars available.
  • 1930: "Brough Superior Spring Frame Cruiser" Sidecar, and "Brough Superior Rigid Frame Cruiser" Sidecar. Reference is also made to many other sidecars available.
  • 1931: "Brough Superior Cruiser Sidecar", available in spring frame or rigid frame configuration.
  • 1932: "Brough Superior Cruiser Sidecar", offered with the Brough Superior Straight 4 Combination. And another "Cruiser" sidecar shown with one of the V-twin models. The "Cruiser" is offered in spring frame or rigid frame configuration.
  • 1933: "Brough Superior Cruiser Sidecar" with mention of "Any type or make of Sidecar supplied. Send for lists."
  • 1934: "Brough Superior Cruiser Sidecar", "Brough Superior Occasional 2-seater Sidecar."
  • 1935: "Brough Superior Cruiser Sidecar", "Brough Superior Touring Sidecar."
  • 1936: "Brough Superior Touring Sidecar", "Brough Superior Cruiser Sidecar."
  • 1937: "B.S Alpine Grand Sports Sidecar", available with Cruiser or Sports body, this is also known as the Brough Superior Petrol tube sidecar. The sidecar frame holds fuel and is pressurized with an air pump allowing transfer of the fuel from the sidecar to the main petrol tank of the motorcycle without stopping.
  • 1938: "B.S. Alpine Grand Sports Sidecar". Cruiser or sports body available.
  • 1939: "B.S." Alpine Grand Sports Sidecar. Cruiser or sports body available.

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