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Christianity In Malta - History of Christianity in Malta - British Empire
... In 1814, Malta became part of the British Empire in accordance with the Treaty of Paris ... British rule lasted 150 years until 1964 when Malta gained independence ... British rule brought the first sizeable population of members of the Anglican Church and Protestant denominations in the form of civil servants and retirees ...
Château Of Réduit - History - British Rule
... Under the British rule, many modifications were brought to the Château ... It needed extensive repairs after damage caused to it by cyclones in 1868 and 1892 ...
Bhaun - History - During The British Rule
... During the British rule, Bhaun was part of Tehsil of Chakwal District of Jhelum ... In British era, Raja Ghulam Hussain born during 1885 was a great freedom fighter ... During British rule, Chakwal was a tehsil of Jhelum District, the population of Bhaun according to the 1901 census of India was 5,340.Imperial Gazetteer of India, v ...
History Of Nashik - Nashik During The British Rule
... flourishing town even under later Maratha rule and some time during that period the sow car families like Barves, Vaishampayans and Gadres of the ... Under Maratha rule, they advanced sums to finance military campaigns of feudal Sardars and in their later times their Pedhis gradually began to finance the flourishing trade in metalware and ... Bharat', successfully organized underground movement against the British rule ...
Singranatore Family - British Rule - 1885 Bengal Tenancy Laws
... Another factor that lead to the class discontent was the emergence of a landed intermediate class of lesser nobles (Chowdhurys and Taluqdars), whose existence contrary to the rules of the Permanent Settlement ... The madhyasvatvas or intermediate interests acquired their rights by purchase, and not inheritance ...

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    Democracy don’t rule the world,
    You’d better get that in your head;
    This world is ruled by violence
    But I guess that’s better left unsaid.
    Bob Dylan [Robert Allen Zimmerman] (b. 1941)

    There is not a more disgusting spectacle under the sun than our subserviency to British criticism. It is disgusting, first, because it is truckling, servile, pusillanimous—secondly, because of its gross irrationality. We know the British to bear us little but ill will—we know that, in no case do they utter unbiased opinions of American books ... we know all this, and yet, day after day, submit our necks to the degrading yoke of the crudest opinion that emanates from the fatherland.
    Edgar Allan Poe (1809–1845)