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Postage Stamps Of The United Kingdom - British Postal Services Abroad
... the world and has often made use of British definitives bearing local overprints ... The following is a full list of British postal services abroad and many of these will become the subject of independent articles in due course British post offices ...
Sherani District - History - British Occupation
... The "Khiderzai Expedition" gave full suzerainty to British government over Sherani District ... at Apozai, at which the assumption of the protectorate of the Zhob valley by the British Government was duly proclaimed ... a semi-military organization.He was a fighter of note and is said to have led an attacked on British forces near Silyazai.His death had made him a folk hero, and still remembered in many Pashto ballads ...
List Of Colonial Governors Of Saint Lucia - Governors of The French Colony of Sainte Lucie, 1762–1802
... George Brydges Rodney 1762–1763 (British occupation) Pierre Lucien de La Chapelle de Jumilhac 1763–1764 Claude Anne de Micoud 1764–1771 Claude Anne Gui de Micoud 1771–1772 (first time) Frédéric Laure de ... Leger 1781–1783 (British occupation) Jean Zénon André de Véron de Laborie 1784–1789 Jean Joseph de Gimat 1789–1793 Nicolas Xavier de Ricard 1793 ...
History Of The Acadians - Eighteenth Century - Colonial Wars
... There was already a long history of Acadian and Wabanaki Confederacy resistance to the British occupation of Acadia during the four French and Indian Wars and ... They primarily resisted the British occupation of Acadia and were joined in their efforts on numerous occasions by Acadians ... in the wars clearly indicated that many were reluctant to be ruled by the British ...
British Occupation Of Manila
... The British Occupation of Manila between 1762 and 1764 was an episode in Philippine colonial history when the Kingdom of Great Britain occupied the Spanish colonial capital of Manila and ... of Manila and their Filipino allies prevented British forces from taking control of territory beyond the neighbouring towns of Manila and Cavite ... The British occupation was ended as part of the peace settlement of the Seven Years' War ...

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    Wars will remain while human nature remains. I believe in my soul in cooperation, in arbitration; but the soldier’s occupation we cannot say is gone until human nature is gone.
    Rutherford Birchard Hayes (1822–1893)

    We may be scum, but at least we’re la crème de la scum.
    —Report on the British royal family. quoted in Sunday Times (London, Nov. 13, 1988)