British Israelism

British Israelism (also called Anglo-Israelism) is a doctrine based on the hypothesis that people of Western European descent, particularly those in Great Britain, are the direct lineal descendants of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel. The doctrine often includes the tenet that the British Royal Family is directly descended from the line of King David.

Though the central tenets of British Israelism have been refuted by modern genetic, linguistic, archaeological and philological evidence (see Research Findings below), the doctrine continues to have a significant number of adherents. The movement has never had a head organisation or a centralized structure. Various British Israelite organisations were set up across the British Commonwealth and in America from the 1870s, and many such organisations are active today.

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... John Wilson, the intellectual founder of British Israelism, had considered that not only the people of Great Britain, but all the Germanic peoples were descended from the Ten Lost Tribes ... Hine took a more particularist view, deciding that only the British nation fulfilled the prophecy for Israel — he acknowledged an ethnic affiliation ... as to the relationship between the Germans and British-Israel either the British people, alone, were identified with the Tribes of Israel (Edward Hine) or ...
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... from 1934 to 1944, it appears Bosworth accepted at least some elements of British Israel theology and left the Alliance church, not to return until 1944, when he was welcomed back into the ... While some who follow British Israelism claim that F.F ... Bosworth maintained a British Israel view of prophecy until his death, they do not offer any evidence to support this other than radio one sermon by Bosworth ...
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... of Military Tactics at Yale University, he wrote countless articles and books advocating British ... Israelism, including a 26-volume series entitled Our Race ... William Comyns Beaumont (1873–1956) British journalist, author, and lecturer ...
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... British Israelism (also known as 'Anglo-Israelism') is the theory that people of Western European descent, especially Britain and the United States, are descended from the lost tribes of Israel ... During the 20th century, British Israelism was promoted by Herbert W ...
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