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Barbadian British - Demographics - Citizenship
... Numer of Barbadians granted British citizenship 85 ... The ... The number of Barbadians being granted British citizenship per annum has recently begun to decrease, unlike those from Jamaica (from where an increasing number of people are ...
British Nationality Law And The Republic Of Ireland - Access To British Citizenship For Irish Citizens
... the above, there is generally no special access to British citizenship for Irish citizens ... The facility for those born before 1949 to claim British subject status does not confer British citizenship, although it gives an entitlement to registration as such after 5 years in ... Irish citizens seeking to become British citizens are usually required to live in the UK and become naturalised after meeting the normal residence and other requirements, unless they ...
British Nationality Law And Hong Kong - After The Sino-British Joint Declaration - British Nationality (Hong Kong) Act 1997: British Citizenship For BN(O)s Not of Chinese Descent
... Another special group of solely Hong Kong British nationals were the non-Chinese ethnic minorities of Hong Kong ... They would be left effectively stateless — they would have British nationality and permanent residency and right of abode in Hong Kong, but no right of abode in the UK, nor a right to claim PRC nationality ... The ethnic minorities petitioned to be granted full British citizenship, and were backed by several politicians and media The subsequently enacted British ...
British Nationality Law And Hong Kong - After The Sino-British Joint Declaration - British Nationality (Hong Kong) Act 1990: British Citizenship For 50,000 Families
... To stem the drain, people urged the British government to grant full British citizenship to all Hong Kong BDTCs — but this request was never accepted ... However, the British did agree to creating the British Nationality Selection Scheme, which granted to a select 50,000 people and their families the ability to obtain ... spouse and minor children) as a British citizen ...
UK Ancestry Entry Clearance - British Citizenship
... After acquiring Indefinite Leave to Remain, it is possible to apply for British citizenship by naturalisation after meeting normal residence requirements ... See British nationality law The increase in the period of time under UK Ancestry to 5 years before ILR can be applied for effectively means that applicants (who are usually not married ... This is because naturalisation as a British citizen for a person not married to a British citizen requires that ILR or its equivalent be held for 12 months ...

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    I would wish that the women of our country could embrace ... [the responsibilities] of citizenship as peculiarly their own. If they could apply their higher sense of service and responsibility, their freshness of enthusiasm, their capacity for organization to this problem, it would become, as it should become, an issue of profound patriotism. The whole plane of political life would be lifted.
    Herbert Hoover (1874–1964)

    His work was that curious mixture of bad painting and good intentions that always entitles a man to be called a representative British artist.
    Oscar Wilde (1854–1900)