Bowler may refer to:

  • Bowler hat
  • Bowler (cricket), a cricketer
  • Bowler (ten-pin), someone participating in the sport of bowling
  • Bowler Offroad, a maker of offroad vehicles
  • Bowler (surname), an English surname
  • In marbles, a bowler refers to a ⅞ inch (22 mm) marble. Term used by Marble King, Inc.
  • James "Lord Bowler" Lonefeather, a character in The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.
  • Bowler, Wisconsin
  • Someone participating in the sport of Bowls
  • Bowler, a 1973 British television series and spin off of The Fenn Street Gang
  • Bowlers Exhibition Centre, a multi-use centre in Trafford, Greater Manchester

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Bowler, Virginia
... Bowler is an unincorporated community in Appomattox County, Virginia, United States. ...
Mount Storm Park
... the site of the estate of Robert Bonner Bowler, a dry goods entrepreneur and one-time Mayor of the Cincinnati neighborhood of Clifton ... While visiting in Austria, Bowler met Adolph Strauch of the Vienna Imperial Gardens and invited him to visit if he came to America ... a scheduled train layover and remained to develop the Bowler Estate ...
Bowler (surname)
... Bowler is a surname ... Notable people with the surname include Bertie Bowler, English footballer Bill Bowler, former Canadian ice hockey player George Bowler, English professional footballer Gerry ... Andrew Bowler (1862–1935), African American educator and Baptist minister James Bowler (1875–1957), US politician Jeff Bowler, American film and television producer John Bowler (disambiguation), one of ...
List Of Speed Racer: The Next Generation Characters - Antagonists - Lord Bowler
... The president of a revolutionary car company named RocketAir, Bowler's prestige and resources makes him one of the most influential members of the Shadow Committee, and his company's office ... He is typically seen wearing a suit and bowler hat, and speaks in an English accent ... Cunning and manipulative, Lord Bowler is placed in charge of a plot to convince X to aid the Shadow Committee, during which he twists words and manipulates events to break the ...
Left-arm - F
... Fast bowlers also use swing ... on, offering little, if any, help for a bowler ... meaning the number of wickets taken by a team or bowler ...