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Indian Idol 2 - Elimination Chart
4/4 4/22 Place Contestant Result 1 Sandeep Acharya Bottom 3 Bottom 2 Winner 2 N ... Karunya Bottom 3 Bottom 3 Bottom 2 Bottom 3 Bottom 2 Elim 3 Anuj Sharma Elim Adv Bottom 2 Elim 4 Amey Date Bottom 2 Bottom 2 Elim 5 Antara Mitra Bottom 2 Elim 6 Meenal Jain Bottom 2 Bottom 3 ...
Pumpkinseed - Habitat
... Pumpkinseeds are active during the day and rest near the bottom in protected or covered areas such as submerged logs during the night ... They will feed at all water levels from the surface to the bottom in the daylight, and their heaviest feeding will be in the afternoon ... Pumpkinseeds are active throughout the day, but they rest at night near the bottom or in protected areas in rocks or near submerged logs ...
Underwater Acoustics - Measurements - Bottom Loss
... Bottom loss has been measured as a function of grazing angle for many frequencies in various locations, for example those by the US Marine ... loss depends on the sound speed in the bottom (which is affected by gradients and layering) and by roughness ... In shallow water bottom loss often has the dominant impact on long range propagation ...
Bottom - Geography
... The Bottom, capital of the island of Saba The Bottoms, a neighborhood in Columbus, Ohio, U.S ... Lower Bottoms, Oakland, California or The Bottoms, a neighborhood in Oakland, California, U.S ... Paul's Bottoms or The Bottoms, a neighborhood in Shreveport, Louisiana Bottomland (freshwater ecology), low-lying alluvial land adjacent to a river Stream bed ...
Double Bottom Line
... Double bottom line is a business term used in socially responsible enterprise and investment ... While all businesses have a conventional bottom line to measure their fiscal performance—financial profit or loss—enterprises which seek a second bottom line look to measure their performance in ... The double bottom line approach can be applied to both public and private sector organizations ...

Famous quotes containing the word bottom:

    Women are supposed to be deep—why? Because one can never get to the bottom with them. Women are not even shallow.
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)

    The very bottom and the soul of hope,
    The very list, the very utmost bound
    Of all our fortunes.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)

    He saw her from the bottom of the stairs
    Before she saw him. She was starting down,
    Looking back over her shoulder at some fear.
    Robert Frost (1874–1963)